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President Brendan Keyes

Email Phone 832-748-1001

Vice President Marc Roseblade

General Manager Cameron Keyes

Secretary & Treasurer Miss Gwen

Franchise & New Teams Brendan Keyes

Communications, Marketing & Social Media Marc Roseblade

Email Phone 44 792-762-0670

The Texas Premier Soccer League (TPSL) is a professionally run soccer program for men. The league runs from September to February. At league seasons end, teams participate in the AdmiralTexas Cup. The opportunity to qualify for the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup is also be available to the winning side from the league competition but must still be a TPSL league member in the year US Open Cup entry is offered in order to compete. 

Houston Leones FC, Houston Hurricanes FC, Houston Regals SCA, Houston Dutch Lions FC, Galveston Pirate SC, and BCS Bearkatz FC opened the inaugural season in the TPSL in 2013/14.  

In 2014/15 Austin Real Cuauhtemoc, Texas Timberz, Twin Cities FC and Ranchero King FC joined Galveston Pirate Soccer Club and Houston Hurricanes in making up the competing sides. Lockhart Knights FC & MPact FC are expansion sides for season 2015/16.

The Texas Premier Soccer League was originally formed back in 1997 and lasted 10 years. In 2013, the league was brought back by Current Owner/President Brendan Keyes, a former pro player and current Head Coach of the Houston Hurricanes FC.  The TPSL has everything fans and teams could ask for:

-League and Cup play

-A minimum of one home and one away match against each other side 

-Players who play at the highest levels of soccer available to men

This highly competitive league helps all the teams gain access to elite players to fill their team roster. All current NCAA and NAIA players will be able to play soccer at an elite level and still maintain their eligibility, while incoming collegiate players can impress college scouts and coaches alike.

The TPSL is sanctioned by U.S. Club Soccer, an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  The TPSL operates and is managed as a team-run league. Each team is owned and operated individually with each team responsible for maintaining league minimum standards and for raising its own operating revenue.

Goals of the TPSL:

-Provide the highest level of men's soccer

-Strive to continuously raise the standard of play

-Pursue every avenue of promotions, advertising, and community involvement to create public awareness and interest in the TPSL

-Ensure that all teams enter the league with and maintain financial stability

Texas Premier Soccer League is sponsored by Holiday Inn Resort, Keyes Sports Wear, MRSoccerGroup and Mar-key Sports Management. 

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