Official Team Sponsor Announced

Brendan Keyes announced this week the new OFFICIAL TEAM SPONSORS of The Houston Hurricanes which is none other than Set on a Hill. Set on a Hill is an international football marketing company that will be a major marketing player around the World Cup in Brazil and in the U.S. Set on a Hill is behind the Houston Hurricanes NEW website, social media management, and Video production for the Texas Premier Soccer League season September through March.

Set on a Hill owner Ekaette Shammah says “It was a pleasure sponsoring a team with such a rich history and that gives heavily back to the community.”

Houston Hurricanes owner and head coach as well as the owner of the TPSL league says “Set on a Hill does phenomenal video production work and we are proud to partner with such a strong company. With the TPSL season kicking off, we need heavy exposure and we found just the company to do that, Set on a Hill.”

The TPSL league for 2013-2014 is home to the Hurricanes FC, BearKatz FC, Regals SCA, Pirates SC, Dutch Lions, and Leones FC.

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Visit Set on a Hill’s Website